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We always offer the best price we can for your car or van. This means you’ll get a better deal when you sell your car with us than you would by part exchanging. Car dealers dont really want another car which they will then have to sell on or in most cases cut their losses and send it to auction, hence why they wont give you the cars real worth. Car Sales much rather prefer the Cash, even if its only a deposit.

Not to mention the fact that we’ll beat any quote from other companies that buy cars in the UK – and we value your car for free.

ENTER YOUR REG in the box above to get a good price in minutes! Then use the cash we give you to get your next car!

Many poeple choose to part exchange their car against a new one. To start with this might look a good hassle free way of buying your new car, but be aware car sales dealers are there to make a profit and would prefer a cash deal rather then taking in someones elses car they then have to sell on. If you were to sell your car to us for Same Day Cash or bank transfer and then approach the Car sales dealer with the full amount instead of a PX then this would put you in a stronger position to haggle a better price.

Even if the Car Sales Dealer offers you a price which may seem higher then what Sheffield Cash 4 Cars can give you, they may not give you any discount from the asking price of the new car.

Risks on selling your car privately

Selling a car privately can be time cosuming and can carry risks, if you still prefer to sell privately here are a few points you must be aware of to protect yourself from becoming a victim of crime:
•check whether the buyer is insured for the test drive
•don’t leave the buyer alone with the keys in the ignition
•don’t meet a potential buyer alone if you’re worried about your safety – ask someone to come with you
•ask the buyer for proof of their identity.

A buyer will want to inspect your car before they agree to buy it, so make sure it is looking its best. A buyer is more likely to buy if they feel the car has been well looked after, so be sure to:
•pay for a valet and clean it thoroughly inside and out
•get rid of any evidence of dog hairs or cigarette smoke
•think about having dents or scratches removed if your car is nearly new or a prestige model
•collect all the relevant paperwork together including the V5C registration certificate, the service history and MOT certificate. If you have receipts for work include these – the buyer will see you have cared for your car.

Our Background

We have been in the motor trade for over 10 years and are dedicated to offering our customers the best customer experience and the best price for their car. Cash 4 Cars was set up to make the sale of your old car or van as simple and stress-free as possible. This website gives the public an easier and better way of selling their car for the best price

We are the safe and easy alternative to advertising publicy or going to a dealer. No expense, no time wasters, no bouncing cheques, no fees, no trouble or hassle!.

Our website has been developed with our customers in mind. This website has been created with ease of use in mind so that you can browse through and find out more about our company and what we can offer. At Sheffield Cash 4 Cars we offer a fair price based on the market value ofyourcar or van not just using some trade preffered book price.


The 20 pence tyre check:

Check Your Tyres for Wear and Tear on any vehicle from the moment you get it.

It only takes a penny to see if your tires are worn or losing tread. Examining your tires for wear and tear, along with checking tire pressure and alignment, are essential to ensuring your vehicle’s safety on the road and helping to improve gas mileage and performance.

The 20p test is a simple, yet effective, way to check tire tread. Place the 20p flat in one of the grooves of the tread If you can see some of the outer edge of the 20p, then your tyres may be illegal and will have a bigger braking distance in the wet, Tyres are critical to a vehicle’s handling and traction, and maintaining proper pressure is vitally important to vehicle safety. Underinflated tyres are under stress and will wear unevenly, causing them to need to be replaced sooner. Routinely checking tire balance and wheel alignment reduces tire wear, improves handling, and increases fuel economy.

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